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It's been nearly three years since the partnership promised, at a 'crunch' meeting (chaired by a city councillor, who therefore had no right to chair any meetings), to build a website, and appoint a 'communications officer'. Neither of these things has happened, nor has a single newsletter been distributed.

Of course, this site exists, as it has done since the beginning of the partnership. In three years, I haven't done much of anything with it, besides posting the occasional thread and calendar dates, out of respect for people who generally showed me no respect, and at times a great deal of disrespect.

Now, there hasn't been an open meeting since February, when they are supposed to happen three times a year. It seems that the committee (whose chairwoman lives outside the ward and therefore also has no right to chair) is doing everything to avoid questions from the public.

Consequently, I will be resuming active management of this site. If the committee have any issues about entitlement to the use of the partnership name, they are free to reveal them.

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Joe K
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For the record, some people, but not people I'd trust, claim that the partnership has been dissolved, as of September 29th, last year. No official announcement has ever been made, however, least of all by our councillors. I may be able to ask Usman Bhaimia at the council's Environment & Ecology meeting on Thursday, though, as he ignores emails, phone calls, and most Tweets.



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